Your custom Installation essentials helping the planet!

I am often asked "what is so special about Green Audio Video?" and the simple answer is, nothing...on the surface! Don't stop reading now though, becasue you'll miss the point!

Green Audio Video offer the 'Essential Installation' products that play in that 80/20 rule area! Thats right, 80% of your jobs and income are generated by using only 20% of the products in most brands range. Green Audio Video only offer the products in that 20% that are regularly used!

What really sets them apart though is the packaging, thats right, packaging!

Well designed recyclable cardboard packaging, that allows easy access to products, saving time. No plastic bags to unwrap, and no wire ties to untwist, just grab the product and install. Time is money, so we're now saving money!

Not only is it well designed but it's all 'Bulk', so there isn't individual boxes for each product. Patch cables come in boxes of 10, 15, 20 or 25 depending on lenght. HDMI in 5,6,8 or 10 depending on length. Audio DE-Embedders in boxes of 3 etc. You get the idea.

All packaging is totally recyclable, so at the end of your installation, you grab all of your waste and drop in straight into the recycle bin!

You are probably now saying, "yes sure but that only saves me 5-10 minutes per job. Whoopty S*#t!!" If you do 200 jobs a year with an average of 10 minutes time saving per job, then you just gained 33 hours! Who doesn't want an extra 33 hours a year??? Time is of the essence, so they say!


Here is a great article that will become more and more relevant, and might also help with your decision making...

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