When you think of HDBaseT, no doubt you get every generic brand come up in your head, and you have a little shudder at the installation ahead. Pulse Eight decided to change this through their own range designed and manufactured in the UK, specifically to offer ease of set up and installation, plus user friendly features that truely benefit the end user! Features such as Alexa Voice Control, and build in CEC library, so you can use your TV remote to control many functions if you want a simple control system. Not only that but for the installers, the control drivers are built in, and there is remote monitoring, so after the installation is done, you can keep an eye on the system to ensure it is working as it should be!

My favourite product has the be the NeoX+ which offers 8 HDBaseT zones with full 10 zone audio matrix. The Audio Matrix also allows for a full Dolby 5.1 system pass-threw, to be configured alongside 5 zones of Audio & video with the matching Pro-Amp8! Plus you have 100watts (4ohm) of power for each of the 16 channels in the Pro-Amp8. What a powerful combination!

Pulase Eight really do offer something differnt from all the other 'generic' AV Matrix / Extender systems, and we're looking ofr distribution partners now, so message for a discussion... email

Pulse-Eight NEOX+ Audio Video Matrix