mica cropped
Mica is an experienced Business Development and Sales Support agent, and manages parts of Europe and Central / South America for Global AV Sales.
With a degree in Marketing, and several years of sales and AV industry experience, Mica will add value to you and your distribution business with our great brands.

Having helped to set up and manage an AV distribution business from scratch, Mica also knows what it takes on your side of the fence, so will offer enthusiastic support with a genuine understanding of what you are experiencing. Plus, having distributed some of the Global AV Sales brands, she already has some valuable product knowledge to help advise and assist in sales.
Mica said "Since 2016 I’ve been working in the AV industry, representing different brands to customers, and most recently setting up and running a distribution company in Spain.
All this time I’ve been learning and growing, and working with top brands in the market to give my customers the best advise for their needs. 
The most important thing between me and my customers is trust and confidence. That’s why I will offer you all my passion with my work but also because it is what I love to do, to collaborate together and help you grow!"
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