Why do you need International Sales & Account Management?

Business, Sales and Marketing support; That is true account management!

When you're not there on the door step of your clients on a regular basis, an account can very easily just 'coast along' and not really realise it's full potential. Growing International sales is not an easy or cheap thing to do, especially if you want to offer the level or service required to acheive sustainable growth. We want to work with these 'accounts' as a true business partner, just as we do with you, the manufacturer, for mutual benefit.

The idea is very simple; work with each other in an open and honest manner and we will grow each others business!

We will have more direct communication with partners (otherwise known as 'accounts') to make sure that we both understand the business we are in together. We will work with both parties to ensure that we are doing the best we can for the market place and the business as a whole.

Using all methods at our disposal such as, Face to Face contact, Skype, Zoom, Phone and email, we make sure we have regular contact with both you and the clients.

We will look at sales, marketing, general business conditions and macroeconomic factors that can affect the performace, and find ways to make the most of each and every opportunity.

As a manufacturer, we want to grow your International sales and brand presence!

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact Dave Williams directly.