Heading for Carbon Neutrality!

And helping save Koalas!

carbon neutral stamp     

At Global AV Sales, we're concious of that fact we contribute CO2 that is harmful to our great planet, and despite the fact that we are actually a very 'Carbon Lite' company in many ways, we know that the flights we take do add up!

Because we work from a home office its not easy to estimate the 'business only' portion of CO2 emmissions, so i've commited the business to offset all of my household emmissions, as well as my flight emmissions too!

As mentioned, we are already very lite on emmissions and only produce roughly 4-5 Tonnes of CO2 per year as a household. We rarely use the airconditioning, lights are LED and not used often, we recycle plastics, paper and such, so the household 'general waste' is also very low. We don't even have a printer for the business, as I don't like printing for no reason ;-)

2020 has even seen my regular air travel stop, so our average annual CO2 emissions of 21-25 Tonnes has dropped to only around 10.8 Tonnes!

2021 has been even lighter with no air travel and very little by road due to COVID lockdowns, so we estimate less than 5 Tonnes of CO2!

To offset all of this though, we have commited to planting trees! Not just any trees though, we're planting trees to help save the Australian Native wildlife, such as Koala, the many birds and of course wallabies etc! 2 great outcomes for the planet!

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife here in Australia plant natural habitat for the Koala and the Australian wildlife, to help preserve them. The bonus is that the trees also soak up CO2!

foundation parks wildlife

The Equation!

The simple equation is this; For each Tonne of CO2 we create, we need to plant 3 trees to offset that, so;

25 Tonnes Annually = 6.24 trees per month, or 2021s 5 Tonnes Annually = 15 Trees for the year!

2022 we are expecting to be at about 15 Tonnes, so 45 trees required.

As at 10th June 2022 - 190 Trees Planted!