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Krix Loudspeakers manufacture possibly the best Home Cinema speakers on the world stage! Technologies taken from their vast commercial experience and background make for incredible detail and dynamics. The HiFi and Custom Installation ranges offer real HiFi performance without colouration. - We represent Krix worldwide.
Architectural acoustic panels and Loudspeakers, designed and made in Italy.
Garvan gives sound and music a new shape and emotion, combining acoustic technology with tasteful design, thus creating a perfect balance of form and performances.
We Represent Garvan Acoustic in Asia Pacific
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Tributaries Cables offer a true step up in cable performance without the large price tag. Hand soldered in the USA* and 100% tested before leaving the factory. Joe's motto, "If it doesn't make a difference, we dont release it" - We represent Tributaries worldwide.
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Viva Audio design and manufacture mind bending HiFi equipment! Italian design flair with unsurpasess audio performance. What more could you desire!
We represent Viva Audio in Asia Pacific
Audio Solutions designed and manufactured in Lithuania by Gediminas Gaidelis to exacting HiFi standards. The number of awards and highly praised reviews say it all.
We represent Audio Solutions in Asia Pacific
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Ferrum Audio is the new Electonics brand from HEM of Poland. The first product is the highly regarded Hypsos Hybrid Linear Power Supply
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Dutch & Dutch make one of the most acurate and enjoyable active loudspeakers in the world. Built in high end amplification and DSP that can be tailored to any listening envirnment.
We represent Dutch in Dutch in various markets
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M2Tech manufacture HiFi audio products in small form that pack a big performane punch. Amplifiers, DAC Pre-Amps, Headphone amps and more.
We represent M2Tech in Asia Pacific 
Clarus Cables for when the true sound really matters! Using the very best matterials and scientifically proven contsruction to deliver the cleanest signal path, free of distortions and colouration. Real Hi-End HiFi Cables - We represent Clarus worldwide.
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Moose Sound is a long established manufacturer of high end commerical, professional / live sound audio equipment. All manufactured at their Portugal headquarters to the highest of standards.
We represent Moose Sound Worldwide
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Green Audio Video strikes a win for Planet Earth.  Our mandate is to significantly reduce environmental impact by delivering commonly used consumer electronics products in smarter bulk packaging. Saving time & saving the planet!

"Reduce. Reuse. Recycle"