About Global AV Sales

After a little over 32 years working in and around the Consumer Electronics industry in several different regions and in several different roles, there was one common factor that stood out in regards to distribution success; regular support!

The more often a distributor was visited or received constructive phone calls and emails, the more they sold. And lets face it, we all like to be loved, and we all love to sell!

As a distributor, I was on the receiving end of poor service (or lack of service in some cases). This is one of the main reasons for Global AV Sales (formerly Asia Paciifc Sales Management) existance. The greater the distance, the harder it is to maintain those accounts on a regular basis, due to simple facts such as time zones, travel distance and just plain old time itself. Or, companies just don't have the man power to cover large areas.

We take care of that for you using all methods at our disposal, such as Face to Face visits, Skype, Phone, email and webinars. We hold regular meetings via Skype when we can't be there, and stay up to the earlier hours on a fortnightly basis to make those 'harder calls' in different time zones!

We love what we do, and will love to work with your company too!

Global AV Sales work as part of your team, whether manufacturer or distributor!

Our Mission

We will be the most pro-active and effective business, sales and marketing agency in the Consumer Electronics industry, making sure that we know each of the serviced markets in-depth and making sure our manufcaturing clients are kept abreast of market developments.

Our Values