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Dave Williams has been in and around the consumer electronics industry now since 1989 in one form or another. Starting out in retail and slowly moving into distribution, working for others and within his own businesses.

He has worked in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom as an importer / distributor, as well as many countries around the world as a Manufacturers Sales Agent. He has also worked with some of the biggest names in Audio Visual and Car Audio, and over his years has represented brands such as...

  • Krix, JBL,  Harman Kardon,  Arcam,  Sonus Faber,  Cambridge Audio, Rotel,  Polk Audio,  Tributaries Cables, AudioQuest,  Chord Cables,  Vita/Ruark Audio and Tannoy to name a few.

Dave's successes to date have come from his ability to view business as a whole in a strategic and analytical manner, using his technical knowledge and great relationship skills. His reputation is second to none in the Consumer Electronics Industry, and you won't find a better partner for business!

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